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To plug an MP3 / CD player into the armrest center console


bulletThe Clarion
bulletThe power control switch
bulletClarion location
bulletClarion location, other view
bulletPlug inner view
bulletInput plug outside view
bulletThe end result

The Clarion

Here is the Clarion FM200. It has two radio frequencies only, 88.7 and 89.1 but it is plugged in series with the antenna so it works well (there are radio broadcasts beside those frequencies and it does not mix). The input are RCA cables so an adaptor is needed to go to stereo 3.5 mm plug

When you install, you put the radio antenna wire into the Clarion antenna socket and the Clarion antenna plug into the radio: This way the antenna goes into the FM200 and the FM200 goes into the radio.

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The power control switch

The FM200 needs 12V that is not constant not to drain the battery, I used the 12v outlet. I set the FM200 switch into the dash but it could be put anywhere else.

I tried both the 88.7 and 89.1 fm radio frequencies. Both had radio stations next to the setting but the 89.1 worked best.

All wires are from the Clarion (shifter console) to the OEM radio. Except the 'aux in' which I used a stereo 3.5 mm socket which I put in the arm rest. Because I wanted to put the mp3 player in the pouch behind the seats. The wires for it goes under the carpet (for about 12 inches) between the shifter console and the arm rest.

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Clarion location

Here is the Clarion installed with double face tape to the carpet in the shifter console. There is more than enough room

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Clarion location, other view

An other view

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Plug inner view

The Clarion FM200 input is two RCA plugs so I had to put an "3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug adaptor" glued into the arm rest and a "3.5 mm plug to two RCA plug adaptor" to plug from the Clarion to the adaptor glued to the arm rest.

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Plug outside view

The exterior view of the plug

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The result

Here is the stereo input 3.5 mm plug into the arm rest (between the seats). I routed the wires under the carpet, between the shifter and the emergency brake

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