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Here is a simple picture of my Regen button.

This button is connected in parallel to the pedal brake switch. While it is pressed, the brake lights will turn ON.

The wires where set easily in the console, up the dash and soldered to the switch wires. It is a momentarily "Closed" switch of 3 amps.

The use of this button is so that while you coast down and the transmission is still engage, pressing the button will actually turn the regen On as if you had pressed the brake pedal. Therefore you can maximize the energy that is recuperated since the brake pads are not used.

It could also be used by the passenger while the driver is outside of the car and test the rear brake lights. No need to go into the driver side. Useful when someone wants to test a trailer connection.

bulletBrake button
bulletBrake switch

Regen while coasting button

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Brake switch

This image is not very useful. The wires are not very easy to see.

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Note: Thanks to Willie Williford for the idea and the guidance to make this addition to my car.

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