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Here are pictures of the bike rack hitch that was custom made. The steel hitch parts and the aluminum body are isolated with thin plastic strips. It is basically bolted to the bumper bar and an extension goes up front to the spare tire box.
bulletSpare tire box
bulletOutside the spare tire box
bulletUnder the spare tire box
bulletSide view of the bumper
bulletHitch bolts
bulletHitch view
bulletHitch tube
bulletRear view



Inside the spare tire box

The "L" angle plate is isolated through the use of plastic.

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Outside the spare tire box

The outside part that is bolted to the "L".

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Under the spare tire box

This is the bar connecting the hitch to the front section of the spare tire. It is used to help relief the forward and down strain on the hitch (rolling).

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Side view of the bumper

The back of the hitch is bolted to the front aluminum bumper.

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Hitch bolts

The hitch is bolted with bolts that go through the bumper. Each of the 4 bolts has a plastic isolator and a 1 inch per 2 inch plate acting as a washer (same width as the hitch bar bolted)

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Hitch view

Here you see how the hitch is made with 1 1/4 inch tubes and 2 inch bars. You can also see the front bar which is welded at the front not to prevent the bumper plastic cover to be positionned.

If the position would have been more backward, the bumper would have had to be modified.

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Hitch tube

The hitch extends from the real aluminum bumper.

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Rear view

Rear view of the hitch

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