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In 2003 I experienced a cold starting problem. When near - 20 C or below, my Honda Insight 2000 was starting rather strangely. At that temperature, it is not the hybrid motor that starts the gas engine but the 12V starter. And this is normal. There was the sound of a relay buzzing and then the starter is engaged. Here is an example video:

Hard starting video
Note that the key was turned once and kept turned all the time of the video. When the temperature is higher, the IMA is starting the gas engine and all was OK then.

The IMA Indicator light came On. The problems given by the ODBII tool were: P1600 IMA System Malfunction, P1586 MPI (Motor Power Inverter) problem, 58 Charge/Discharge Circuit problem, P1580 Battery Current Circuit problem, P1635 BCM Module problem

The problem was two corroded ground cables from the transmission and engine to the body. They broke by the engine vibration because they where oxidized.

The cables where replaced in December 2003. 6 months later, as I was going to clean the engine compartment, I checked the new cables. When new the copper was intact. Now check how they are doing:

bulletCable location
bulletCable state
bulletNew cables
bulletCable connector view
bulletResult of the new cables

Cable location

Here are the two ground cables. Called Ground to Engine and to Transmission

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Cable state

You can see the corrosion and the lack of protection to the weather elements

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New cable

After buying some connectors and not finding good cables, I went to my local CanadianTire store to buy jumper cables to cut the wires out of them.

But I found out that they do have very good ground cables with closed connectors. They are long enough for me to make a loop to help with the engine vibrations. I added some heat shrink for better water protection and later spayed some white grease.

Here are the cables with and without the heat shrink. And the old cable.

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Cable connectors

Here is the new cable, the connectors I hoped to build cables from and the OEM cable which looks like a "hand made" cable

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Here are the 2 new cables installed. I hope those cables are more flexible and more resistant to corrosion.

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