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In 2002, I had put aluminium pedal covers. I had created a composite picture that also represents the installation. They are still in the car and in good condition. Here it is:

bulletThe drawings show the back of the add-on pedals. Nothing is modified to the original pedals, these are simple covers
bulletThe clutch pedal cover is bolted directly without modification
bulletThe Brake pedal needs modifications
bulletBecause of the angle the pedal lever is in
bulletEach of the side plate needs to have a hole made so that the bolts holding it will go through. It creates the correct angle so that the plates will bolt
bulletThe gas pedal needs more work
bulletBecause of the round form that is the back
bulletThe lower plate needs to be bent to form a "U" because of the pedal form (round)
bulletThe side plates are not long enough to hold against the lower plate. They already have a "U" shape so you simply unbend them

Home | Honda Insight Mods | Trailer | Bike rack hitch | Bike rack | Rear suspension lift | Audio Aux IN | Metal pedal covers | Engine ground cables | Brake/Regen button | Door water leak | Bumper | Folding bicycles | Gas consumption | Battery pack schematic | ECU P codes | Contact Me

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