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My wife and I are about at the maximum load of the Insight without any stuff into the car. The suspension seamed stiff but a quick check showed a suspension design problem. The suspension was bottoming out easily and the rubber cone used as a bumper guard to the suspension was hitting the body very often. There was about an inch of wheel travel going up that was possible without hitting the rubber.

I tried to improve the design by lifting the rear by an inch. This inch is not much but it makes a lot of difference. It is used while the spring is most compressed and now the car almost never bottoms out.

bulletRear suspension
bulletSuspension parts
bulletSpacer installed
bulletResult lift

Rear suspension

The suspension is a coil spring with a rubber spacer/centering thing that receives the weight of the car.

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Suspension parts

The spacer is removed. I unbolted the brake line near the center of the body and the lower shock bolts. The spring is loose once the axel is lowered (jacks on both sides)

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The new lift spacer was built out of a recycled plank that replaced wood for exterior house work. The hole fits around the car's body stub.

The lift spacer material was drilled (door handle hole saw) first for the interior cut and then made to fit the stub with a Dremel tool. The piece was cut with a jig saw for the exterior cut. Sanding it made it look nicer.

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Spacer installed

The lift spacer is put in place, then the rubber spacer and the spring. Lift the axel back and bolt everything up.

The rubber spacer was loose because of the lower position and a plastic strip out of a RubberMaid box was cut and place between the stub and spacer.

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The resulting 1 inch lift is hardly noticeable. Some mirror adjustment and front head light adjustment was necessary for a perfect mod

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Note: The Yahoo Hybrid site has a message with other explanations.



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